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Don’t Count on Luck – Purchase the Umbrella Coverage

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Many people don’t understand that a Personal Umbrella Policy with uninsured and underinsured coverage is not only there to make sure the other person is taken care of after an accident, but to also ensure the adequate care of themselves and their loved ones.  No matter how many precautions you may take there is always one rick you can note avoid, everyone with whom you come into contact with.  Dollar for dollar a Personal Umbrella Policy is one of the cheapest insurance products out there. 

So why doesn’t everyone have an umbrella policy,  because they feel lucky?  With nearly 16 million incidents this year from just teenage drivers, boating accidents, dog bites and trampoline injures combined, do you still feel lucky?

Call Lyons Agency for Insurance, Kennebunk Maine to discuss your Personal Umbrella options.

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