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Why balding can be bad for your Maine car insurance premiums

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How are your car tires looking? It would probably be a good idea to get them professionally checked if they look a little thin on top. Driving with balding tires could cause an accident and possibly lead to a Maine car insurance claim or worse.

The minimum requirement for tire tread depth varies from state to state, but there are a few easy ways you can check the wear and tear on your car tires. It is a legal requirement that new car tires come with tread wear indicators which show when it is time to replace your tires. Tread wear indicators take the form of raised lines, spaced intermittently on the grooves in your tires. Once the indicators have worn down to the level of the rest of your tires, it is time for a new set.
It is a good idea to replace your tires before they reach the minimum required tread depth, particularly if you are planning on driving in adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. Once tires start to thin out, there will be a significant reduction in your car’s resistance to hydroplaning or skidding, even before they reach the legal minimum.

Make checking your tires part of your monthly car maintenance routine, and you should be able to spot when it is time to change your tires. This should lower the risk of balding tires causing an accident and increasing your Maine car insurance premiums.


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