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Maine fatalities on the road – a preventable tragedy

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With multiple traffic fatalities and numerous smaller accidents having already occurred in Maine over the holiday season, and no doubt more bad weather on the way, it’s pretty clear that we need to take extra precautions at this time of the year in Maine. Car insurance might help to replace a vehicle or even pay for medical expenses, but a serious injury or fatality can affect the victim’s family financially and emotionally for many years after the event. Here are some of the basics we need to remember.

Car maintenance

The condition of tires and brakes in particular can be vital on wet roads and when you need to avoid a collision. Poor tread on tires and ineffective brakes can lead to a collision that may otherwise have been avoidable. 


Our modern vehicles can sometimes make us feel much safer that we really are. Modern or old, the faster your vehicle is going the more likely you are to cause a collision, be unable to avoid a collision when someone else makes an error, and to be killed or injured.


When visibility is poor, headlights, brake lights and turning indicators all help other drivers (and pedestrians) to see us approaching, stopping or turning. Brake lights should be checked regularly to ensure they’re working.

With potentially treacherous weather ahead, you’ll want to ensure that your Maine car insurance is up to date and adequate. Speak to an agent today if you’re in need of coverage.


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