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What are Energy Stars?

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Ever-increasing prices in the market place mean that most people shop around before spending even on basic commodities and services like gasoline, utilities and homeowners insurance. Maine residents who have been deterred from purchasing “green” options because they were more expensive than standard products may be interested to hear that some “green” options are becoming more affordable and a sustainable lifestyle is no longer a luxury. 

Householders who want to reduce their family’s carbon footprint can help to conserve Earth’s resources and save on energy costs by choosing energy-efficient home appliances with Energy Star ratings. Energy Star, the international energy efficiency standard, rates different types of product such as domestic appliances like washing machines, computers and electronic equipment, and building products like skylights and insulating materials.

Energy Star labels can only be displayed on products that meet stringent Environmental Protection Agency energy efficiency conditions. Consumers who purchase products that have Energy Star ratings can be confident that they have chosen the most energy efficient products on the market. Products with Energy Star labels help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and home energy consumption, and the more Energy Stars a label displays, the more savings you can achieve. 

We don’t all have time to thoroughly investigate every money-saving opportunity before purchasing products like cell phones or homeowners insurance. Maine consumers can however rely on Energy Star labels as a quick, easily understood rating system for providing information on many energy efficient products. Look for products with Energy Star labels when you visit an appliance showroom.


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