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House sitting: A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

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Have you put travel plans on hold? Don’t allow your plans to be abandoned because of worries about home security, the welfare of your pets, or losing continuity of homeowners insurance! Maine house sitters can help! 

A house sitting arrangement – having someone stay in your home while you go on an extended vacation – could be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Because the house is occupied your homeowners’ insurance coverage continues while you are away.
A house sitter can watch for problems like water leaks and have them attended to before they get worse.
Your lawns and garden can be cared for while you are away.
Your home does not appear vacant and thereby attract vandals and thieves..
Most importantly, your pets’ environment is not disrupted, and you don’t need to pay kennel or cattery fees.
Your house sitter gets a change of scene.

There are numerous reputable house sitting agencies that can help you to find a responsible house sitter who will care for your home and pets while you have the vacation you deserve. You need fret no more about having a disaster at your home while it’s empty, or activating the vacancy clause on your homeowners insurance; Maine house sitting arrangements can benefit householders and house sitter alike! 


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