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Running a Business from Your Family Home

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Are you an entrepreneur who is planning to start a small home business in Maine?  Starting a home-based business changes the way your home is used, and it’s important to talk through your plans with other members of your household. It’s also important to talk to your agent or insurer in case working from home affects your homeowners insurance. Maine businesses are required to comply with the state’s business licensing regulations, and you should contact your town office for information on local requirements. 

Running a business from your family home will require you and other members of your household to adopt a flexible approach. Here are just a few of the matters you’ll need to think about.

What space will your business occupy? Will it be off limits to others?
Do you intend to interact with the rest of the household during working hours? 
How will you manage telephone calls? Will the business and family share the phone line? How will outgoing answer phone messages be worded?
Will the business computer be shared by other members of the household? How will this be managed? Does homework have priority over business use?

The ideal arrangement is for your family and your business to share space and other resources without impacting each other. Although you may prefer to save money by sharing equipment like computer and telephone, you may have to consider purchasing additional equipment, and increasing coverage on homeowners insurance Maine. Families in all parts of the state are managing to comfortably share their living space with thriving businesses: good luck with your new venture!


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