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Driving in the Snow

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With winter now in full swing and a fair bit of snow already falling in the past few weeks, it’s not a bad time to go over some safety tips for driving in the snow. The last thing anyone would want is to get into an accident and have to make a claim on their Maine car insurance


Here is a list of things to do while behind the wheel this winter:

Get the right tires. ‘Snow’ or ‘winter’ tires are a must during this time of the year. All-season tires just don’t have the grip needed, and to have adequate snow traction, a tire requires at least 6/32-inch deep tread.

Ensure you can see. Make sure your windshield wiper blades work, and try to clean the inside and outside of your windows as often as you can. Foggy vision can be dangerous when it’s snowing.

Look for ‘black ice’. This type of ice is nearly transparent and often looks like a harmless puddle. However, it is extremely slippery and a slight turn in the wheel can send your car sideways.

Choose the right car. A vehicle with electronic stability control makes a huge difference. Thankfully all new models this year will come mandatory with ESC, and the grip it gives you on the road can save lives.

Remember, it is not only your Maine car insurance you’re putting at risk when driving in the snow, but also your life. It is important to drive safely this winter and be smart when behind the wheel.


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