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Good Student Discounts For Teen Drivers

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Being able to afford car insurance can be tough for teenagers. With most still at school, and many without part time jobs, paying a few hundred dollars each year can be a struggle. There are a few ways for teens to reduce the amount they pay on their next Maine car insurance premium, one of which is by doing well with their studies.

The ‘good student discount’ is offered by many insurance providers and reduces the insurance premiums of students who rank in the upper 20 percent of their class, have around a B average, or are on their school’s honor list. The theory is that teenagers who perform better at school will also perform better when behind the wheel as they are generally considered to be more sensible and conscientious. Those who qualify for the good student discount can often receive around 10 to 15 percent on their premium for the year, depending on their insurer.

With the financial worries that many teenagers (and their parents) experience these days, doing well at school is a great way to not only get into university, but also save you some money on a Maine car insurance premium. For more information on good student discounts and car insurance in general give our agent a call.


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