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Your responsibility to keep your home safe

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Anyone with a Maine homeowners insurance policy will usually have some sort of liability coverage. Liability insurance is important because it can help provide financial assistance for legal expenses or medical payments resulting from someone suffering an injury in your home.

You could be sued for negligence if someone slips over in your home and gets seriously hurt. Wet floors, exposed dangerous objects, bad lighting and flimsy stairs are some of the things that you as a homeowner can be held responsible for. All homeowners have a duty to maintain their home and keep it safe, and having a comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t change that.

The prospect of someone being injured at your home may seem remote, but there is no end to the type of mishap that can occur in a family home – from your pet biting a visitor to a neighbor’s child slipping near your pool and sustaining a serious injury, to an elderly visitor tripping on your rug and breaking a hip.

Having liability coverage on your Maine homeowners insurance may help protect you financially, but it can’t protect someone from injury. It’s your responsibility to keep your home as safe as possible.


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