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Plan Your Fire Escape Route

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According to the US Fire Administration, there were 8.3 fire-related deaths per 1 million people in Maine in 2008. It was less than the national average of 12, but even one fire death is too many. One of the best ways to help avoid fire fatalities can be to have a well-prepared and rehearsed escape plan. When lives are at risk, it’s not the time to try and save your house or your possessions. That’s one of the reasons you should have a comprehensive Maine homeowners insurance plan that will help pay for the replacement of possessions and the repair of your home.

The most important device in anyone’s escape plan may be a fire alarm. It’s important to regularly check your fire alarm to make sure it’s working. Also, ensure your family has an escape route and practice taking that escape route in conditions of low visibility. Because a fire could block your primary escape route, have an alternative route in place as well. When your family has escaped and been accounted for at a predesignated meeting spot, call 911 for emergency assistance.

The aftermath of a serious house fire is likely to be a time of emotional devastation, even if nobody has been injured. Your house could be razed to the ground and your possessions destroyed. This is why you should ensure your Maine homeowners insurance policy is not only up-to-date but that you have sufficient cover to pay for the costs of rebuilding your home and replacing your possessions.


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