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Your Maine homeowners insurance should have liability coverage to help financially protect you against lawsuits that could arise from someone sustaining bodily injury or property damage in your home. While it’s very important to have a homeowner’s insurance plan that covers you for liability claims, the best scenario is one of never having to call on your liability coverage. Here are some tips to help prevent your home becoming a liability trap.

Be fire-safe
House fires killed 2,555 people in the US in 2010, and caused 13,275 injuries, according to the US Fire Administration. Smoking, cooking and electrical malfunctions were among the major causes of fire fatalities, while the bedroom was the most common location of a fire fatality. The message is clear: extinguish your cigarettes in a safe place, always monitor your cooking, regularly check for electrical faults (or get a professional to do it), and have a pre-planned escape route. It’s easy to become distracted from cooking when you’re hosting a party.

Be pool-safe
You may find your Maine homeowners insurance premiums are higher because you have s swimming pool. That’s because pools are deemed a safety risk, especially for children. It’s important to surround the pool with a childproof fence, and it’s also recommended to get a pool cover. More important than anything else though is constant supervision while children are in or near the pool.

Be a responsible host
We’ve all heard of house parties that get out of hand. You could be held responsible if someone gets drunk in your home and gets injured, particularly if that person is underage. Check your Maine homeowners insurance policy to find out what you are covered for when hosting guests.

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