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How a Maine Insurance Agency Can Help you Save on Teen Car Insurance

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Any parent with teenagers will know about budget strain, especially when the teenagers are old enough to drive. All of a sudden you have to pay for a car, and your teenager might even expect you to pay for their fuel. Another cost that typically rises is your insurance. Even if you bundle all your car policies with the same company through your Maine insurance agency, you may well be paying higher insurance premiums once your teen gets behind the wheel. That is of course unless you make your teenagers pay for their own insurance.

As you are probably aware, teenagers are more expensive to insure than almost any other group of people because they are considered high-risk drivers. However, premiums could possibly be lowered if your insurance provider is satisfied that your teenager has the characteristics of a safe driver.

It’s impossible to know for sure the driving habits of a teenager who has only just got his or her license, however there are some red flags that might cause your provider to consider your teenager a potentially high-risk driver – for example, if a teenager is driving a sports car.

There are several ways you may be able to lower the cost of insuring your teen driver. Make sure he or she drives a safe car, show your insurer your teenager’s good school grades, and enroll your teenager in a driving education course that has been approved by insurers. Speak to your Maine insurance agency representative about what else you can do to save on your teenager’s car insurance.

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