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Gardening in Maine on a Budget

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You may have heard numerous tips on how to save on your Maine homeowners insurance – guard your home against thieves, make your home fire-safe, reduce liability risks and more. There are also some indirect ways you might be able to save money which you could use to help pay your homeowners’ insurance premiums. In this article we will focus on some money-saving tips in the garden.

To get the best yields, make sure you have healthy soil and that the location you choose for planting is exposed to direct sunlight, at least for part of the day. Good soil and sunlight are critical to a garden’s success. Soil can be improved with compost and manure.

You can make your own compost with garden and kitchen waste to save on fertilizers. Stables are often happy to give away manure for free, although you may have to load it yourself.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to get the freshest produce as well as save money on the household budget. When choosing what fruits and vegetables to plant, think about what you actually eat. You might shave quite a bit off your grocery bill if you grow a few items that you eat regularly.  

While we’re focused on the outdoors, does your Maine homeowners insurance policy adequately cover the contents of your garden shed? Home owners often forget to tally up the value of shed contents when deciding on the amount of coverage they need for home contents.  


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