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Plumbing Checks You Can Do Yourself

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Having a major plumbing leak in your home can cause a significant amount of damage, depending on the location of the leak. The result may be ruined carpets, furniture, possessions, and appliances. Even if you have made a wise choice in acquiring Maine homeowners insurance to provide coverage for these types of damage, recognizing plumbing problems before they turn into something major may help prevent the need for claims.

What kind of checks can you do on your plumbing to alert you to potential dangers? The first thing is to attend to any small problems quickly. Aside from that you can routinely inspect any external plumbing for leaks or signs of corrosion. Keep an eye on your water pressure – if it changes suddenly it may indicate a problem needing attention. Any drains throughout your house should also be observed as to how they flow; slowness in draining may point to blockage. Toilets are another area where plumbing concerns could come to light, such as when you notice a change in levels or flushing. Once plumbing issues are recognized, it may be essential to call in a contractor to fix the problem.

These home maintenance tips may avert a more costly repair bill if caught early enough. They may also help eliminate or reduce damage to your property and an ensuing claim on your Maine homeowner’s insurance policy.


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