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Fire Burn-off Safety in Maine

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When reducing hazards around your property via a controlled burn off, there are precautions that must be taken. Even after taking precautions it is possible for the fire to get out of hand such as in a recent case in Township 19 Maine reported in a WABI TV news item. A breakdown of equipment caused the small wildfire to get out of control and burn over 10 acres of land. Luckily in this instance no property was damaged, apart from bush land. This type of incident also reinforces the need to have appropriate homeowners insurance Maine in place.

When obtaining a Maine permit for a fire burn-off it is essential to follow all regulations regarding what you can and cannot do. These rules have been put in place for your safety as well as that of others nearby. Open burning permits are typically valid for 48 hours after purchase. Burning is restricted to between the hours of 5pm and 9am only and is only permissible certain days.

Fire hazard reduction burning can be a great assistance to summer fire threats but adhering to the rules for burn-offs is essential. Another essential element is to ensure your homeowners insurance Maine is in place. Contact our agents if you require more information on home insurance policies in Maine or if you’re in need of a quote.

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