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Running a Small Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

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There are some business operations that require a fleet of delivery vehicles. As a business owner, while you may maintain your vehicles well and ensure good driving practices amongst the employees using them, there are some factors out of your control that may affect your vehicles. While road accidents might affect individual vehicles, a hail storm or arson attack might damage the entire fleet. This is why you need the support of commercial insurance in Maine in case of a covered accident to your business or fleet.

Having one vehicle out of action for some reason is an inconvenience, but the thought of having the whole fleet destroyed can be alarming. Businesses which require all delivery vehicles be stored together in one place are advised to ensure good security is in place. Having security lighting may be enough to deter unwanted entry. Do not store goods in vehicles overnight if possible, as this may encourage theft and/or increase the risk of loss. Make sure flammable materials are not stored near vehicles as any small fire could cause a chain reaction amongst vehicles or even properties.

You may think of your vehicle coverage being in place in case of road accidents, but it’s also important to have insurance for fire, not only for your autos, but for all your business property. For more information on insuring your business through commercial insurance in Maine, contact our team of agents.


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