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Garage Doors not just for Protecting Your Car

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Many homes have garages with internal access to their homes, and homeowners love the convenience after a long day at work, especially if it is raining. But it may be worth noting that criminals can use the same easy access. While you think your garage door provides security, it can sometimes be quite easily penetrated. As a precaution against burglary, you will no doubt have adequate homeowners insurance in Maine, but you may be able to avert a theft if you think carefully.

Many electronic garage doors do not allow manual entry from the outside. It will pay to intermittently check that the door cannot be raised this way. Garage doors may need to be bolted from the inside as extra security, especially if away from home for long periods. Always ensure you have an adequate lock on the internal door to your house. You want to make it as hard as possible for a thief who has managed to get into your garage to also get into your house.

Don’t forget about external windows and doors within the garage. It is pointless having a secure garage door if a thief can open a side window, gain entry and slide up the garage door. Garages often house ladders, sporting equipment, or garden tools, as well as your car, and all these are easy targets for thieves if they unable to access the interior of the house.

Check around your garage and be alert for any possible security downfalls in your garage. The addition of sensor lighting can be another good deterrent to thieves. Your best efforts together with your homeowners insurance in Maine may help cover you in the event of a burglary.


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