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Maine Businesses Urged to Seek Information about Grants

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Maine business owners are encouraged to investigate opportunities for grants. We all know balancing the books can be tough at times, and particularly when starting a new business. You will have expenses such as equipment and staff costs, commercial insurance in Maine, and other essential needs, so any help you can receive by the way of grants may be appreciated.

Depending on your business, you may be eligible for different types of grants. No one will walk up and give them to you, you will need to seek them out and apply. You have nothing to lose by trying. You could include these:

• Type of Business – Specific types of business may have regulatory bodies that offer grants. For example, the arts or manufacturing.
• Charity – If your business contributes significantly to a non-profit organization or charity, you may be able to receive grants because of your role.
• Community Grants – Investigate if your community has grants available. Sometimes these are available because of the impact your business has on your community and its people.
• Green Credentials – You may find tax breaks available because of green initiatives undertaken.

Speak to other business operators you deal with, and make contact with bodies or local governments who may be able to help. Even a small injection of funds via a grant or tax incentives can help. Your essential needs such as rent, payroll, and commercial insurance in Maine may be ongoing, but seeking out grants may be the boost your business needs.


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