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Are You A Glass Half Full Or Half Empty Person?

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Maine business owners, just like those the world over, can go through periods where they are very upbeat and optimistic about the way their business is traveling. On the other hand, some business owners are always pessimistic and think the worst. Pessimists may be the type of people who are insistent on having a complete and comprehensive package for their commercial insurance. An optimist may think insurance is really not that necessary because things won’t go wrong, or that bad luck only ever happens to other people.

Sadly, we see too often the results of this type of blind optimism. This is not to say business owners should think negatively. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who succeed usually require extreme faith to get them through tough times. A positive outlook is very contagious and can be a great asset to your business as it inspires optimism in others. A negative attitude can have the effect of leaving others doubting you.

Rather than sit in the glass half full or the glass half empty camp, why not try to be a realist? Accept that some things require your conviction and channel your optimism. At other times, remember that caution is sometimes a good thing. Have the forethought to structure your commercial insurance package just in case things happen that are beyond your control. The happy medium and balance could be the best thing for your business.


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