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Cooling Down Without an Air Conditioner

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Keeping cool in Maine during the summer can sometimes feel like a hopeless task. While many people have air conditioning, there may be others who cannot afford it. There may be more pressing needs requiring attention, like mortgage repayments, your homeowners insurance, or the weekly food budget. There are measures, however, that you can take to help you keep cool, without the need for air-conditioning.

Attire – What you wear can significantly affect your body temperature. Keep clothes light and loose fitting to stay cool.
Take care how you use fans – Fans only cool when blowing directly on you, they do not cool a room.
Reduce humidity – You can purchase dehumidifiers.
Allow airflow – Before the heat of the day, allow air to flow through your house. Keep the home closed during the hottest parts of the day, and open again when cooler.
Prevent the heat from the sun entering rooms – Drawing curtains or shades during periods of direct sunlight contact.
Fluids – Ensure your fluid intake is adequate.

You can still keep your cool in summer and save money without an air conditioner. It is always prudent to budget before jumping into a purchase such as air conditioning, but if you do purchase a system, make sure you update your home insurance policies to cover it.


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