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Tips for Developing a Disaster Response Plan

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With parts of Maine being vulnerable to flood, hurricane, and wildfire, it’s important as a business owner to put sound disaster response planning in place. Being well prepared in this way may help enable your business to remain open during a disaster, or to open more quickly after one. Tips for this include:

• Develop an emergency response plan, which includes procedures for evacuation and for contacting emergency services.
• Run regular evacuation drills with your workers.
• Assemble an emergency kit containing bottled water, radio, flashlights, spare batteries, and non-perishable food.
• Consider purchasing and installing a generator in case of power outages.
• Plan for use of alternative premises if necessary in order to keep operating.
• Ensure that backup copies are regularly done of your records and data and that these are kept in a safe place.
• Put a communications plan in place for keeping in touch with suppliers, clients, and other interested parties during and after a disaster.

Finally, make sure you have sufficient commercial insurance in place for property damage and loss. It’s also very important to make sure you have business interruption insurance, which is designed to provide compensation for income losses and extra expenses incurred during disasters and/or temporary relocations. Call one of our Maine agents for more information on insurance for your enterprise if required.


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