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Commercial Fire Risk-Assessments for Your Businesses

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As a commercial enterprise operator in Maine, it’s important to know that fire is one of the highest risks faced by many businesses. As such, it’s essential to have the financial protection of commercial insurance in place in case of fire or other perils, and to regularly undertake risk assessment for fire.

Fire-risk assessments steps include the following:

Identification of Hazards:
• Sources of ignition – such as electricity, heating equipment, boilers, microwaves and other appliances, machinery, power tools, and cigarette butts.
• Fuel sources – including paper, wood, flammable liquids and chemicals, and gases.
• Oxygen sources – such as ventilation and air-conditioners.

Fire and injury or damage could occur when ignition sources come into contact with fuel and oxygen sources.

Identifying Harm Risk
• Determining who could be harmed – this may include employees, clients, visitors, or neighboring businesses.
• Rating the potential risk level – whether low, medium or high.

Implementing Control Measures:
• Installing fire extinguishers, ensuring they are of the right type to match the ignition and fuel sources.
• Training personnel in the use of fire equipment and safety.
• Ensuring regular maintenance of fire equipment is done.
• Undertaking regular maintenance of the property.
• Running fire drills.
• Ensuring exits are clearly marked, lit-up, and free of obstacles or obstructions.

Finally it’s important to record and document all findings, and to regularly monitor and review the fire risk management system.

Reducing your business’ risk of damage from fire can help to minimize your insurance claims and hopefully keep your premiums in check. To find out more about commercial insurance policies, feel free to contact our agents.


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