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What are Energy Stars?

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Maine residents who have been deterred from purchasing “green” options because they were more expensive than standard products may be interested to hear that some “green” options are becoming more affordable and a sustainable lifestyle is no longer a luxury. 

Overcoming an Auto Accident with Maine Car Insurance

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Winter in New England means many things – including the heightened chance of auto accidents. From snow, ice and the increase in holiday travel the likelihood of a car accident happening is rather high. Often the shock of being involved in an accident causes drivers to panic, preventing them from not getting enough information or missing some vital details that may impact their ability to make a claim on their insurance. By securing a comprehensive Maine car insurance policy, you may feel reassured knowing the costs can be covered for any damage.

Are Your Valuables Properly Protected?

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Most homeowners policies the amount and types of coverage on valuable property, which may not properly cover some of your most treasured items. That is where Scheduled Personal Property Insurance can come in. 

Do you have such items as:


      Baseball and Sports Card Collections

      Camera and Camera Equipment                              

      Coin Collections


      Fine Art


      Gold and Silverware

      Golf Equipment                                                              


      Limited Edition Figurines                            

      Musical Instruments

      Rugs and  Tapestries                                     

      Stamp Collections


In the event of a loss, are your valuables covered by your homeowners’ policy, up to their full replacement value and for almost all risks of loss?  If not or you’re not sure, it’s time to talk with your agent.

Don’t Count on Luck – Purchase the Umbrella Coverage

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As economic downturn continues, more and more people request to cancel their umbrella policy or reduce limits, therefore increasing the importance to purchase additional coverage.  When the economy drops lawsuit go up with more uninsured and underinsured drivers on the road.  So, at a time when the need for protection is the greatest, consumers are voluntarily choosing to make themselves more vulnerable.

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