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Understanding Windstorm and Hurricane Policy Deductibles

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In hurricane-prone states, deductibles on homeowners insurance policies are often set as a percentage of the insured value of the property rather than a fixed-dollar amount. This is because of the higher-risks involved in insuring properties in these regions. In Maine, hurricanes and other windstorms are a risk factor.

The Benefits of Trees for Maine Homeowners

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The presence of trees and plants can provide positive benefits for our health and well being by improving mood, energy and vitality, and reducing stress and depression. This could be very good news to those who love natural environments, and who also wish to reduce energy costs and improve the re-sale value of their properties. However, the downside is the potential for trees to cause property damage. This may be alleviated by having adequate homeowners insurance in place for financial protection in case of local disasters.

Commercial Fire Risk-Assessments for Your Businesses

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As a commercial enterprise operator in Maine, it’s important to know that fire is one of the highest risks faced by many businesses. As such, it’s essential to have the financial protection of commercial insurance in place in case of fire or other perils, and to regularly undertake risk assessment for fire.

Tips for Developing a Disaster Response Plan

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With parts of Maine being vulnerable to flood, hurricane, and wildfire, it’s important as a business owner to put sound disaster response planning in place. Being well prepared in this way may help enable your business to remain open during a disaster, or to open more quickly after one.

Cooling Down Without an Air Conditioner

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Are you a household that does not have an air conditioner? Don’t worry, you can still stay cool during the heat wave! Follow some of these money saving tips to keep cool, and once you are able to purchase an air conditioner, make sure you update your home insurance.

Money Saving Tips As A Homeowner

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As a parent, you have enough trouble saving money as is. But when it comes to your household, you want to do everything possible to keep the roof over your family’s heads. If you need help budgeting, follow these tips so you can stay on track.

Garage Doors not just for Protecting Your Car

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Your garage not only protects your car during bad weather, but it also protects your home. This is why you should never leave it unlocked, or a thief could come into your home and take your valuables. Follow these tips on how you can secure your garage and property better to avoid disaster.

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