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Running a Small Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

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Do you run a small fleet of delivery vehicles? This means you may be faced with different risks than other companies. It is important to encourage good driving practices and store the vehicles in a secure spot. If a covered accident or injury happens to occur, then you need the support of our Commercial Insurance in Maine.

Fire Burn-off Safety in Maine

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When reducing hazards around your property via a controlled burn off, there are precautions that must be taken. Even after taking precautions it is possible for the fire to get out of hand such as in a recent case in Township 19 Maine reported in a WABI TV news item. A breakdown of equipment caused the small wildfire to get out of control and burn over 10 acres of land. Luckily in this instance no property was damaged, apart from bush land. This type of incident also reinforces the need to have appropriate homeowners insurance Maine in place.

The Importance of Ordinance and Law Coverage

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When assessing your needs for commercial insurance Maine one area that may be commonly overlooked is that of ordinance and law coverage. It is a portion of insurance that may not get much written about it but can have massive repercussions if not in place. So how does it affect you and what does it mean?

Plumbing Checks You Can Do Yourself

Category: Blog

Having a major plumbing leak in your home can cause a significant
amount of damage, depending on the location of the leak. The result may
be ruined carpets, furniture, possessions, and appliances. Even if you
have made a wise choice in acquiring Maine homeowners insurance
to provide coverage for these types of damage, recognizing plumbing
problems before they turn into something major may help prevent the need
for claims.

Got Insurance Questions? Contact Your Maine Insurance Agency

Category: Blog

When considering the purchase of an insurance policy it could be very
tempting to ask family and friends for advice. Everyone will no doubt
have a story to tell. Those stories could range from happy outcomes to
horror stories. The best advice you should seek however is not from
those sources but from your Maine insurance agency. When you want answers to specific questions they are the ones best placed to give you advice relevant to your situation.

DIY People Need to Lock up Their Power Tools

Category: Blog

The home remodeling and do-it-yourself (DIY) market has boomed. No
longer is attempting to remodel or create only the domain of the
carpenter or tradesman. Many of the power tools required to undertake
tasks in the home are now readily available for the home renovator. One
consideration sometimes overlooked is the need for this type of
equipment to be covered under your Maine homeowners insurance.
Equipment of high value may need to have a rider purchased to ensure
coverage. You should also ensure all equipment is secured in accordance
with insurance policy conditions.

Gardening in Maine on a Budget

Category: Blog

You may have heard numerous tips on how to save on your Maine homeowners insurance –
guard your home against thieves, make your home fire-safe, reduce
liability risks and more. There are also some indirect ways you might be
able to save money which you could use to help pay your homeowners’
insurance premiums. In this article we will focus on some money-saving
tips in the garden.

Maine Homeowner’s Insurance Extras

Category: Blog

Your Maine homeowners insurance
policy should ideally provide coverage for property damage, your
possessions, liability, and additional living expenses if your home
becomes temporarily uninhabitable. These are basic types of coverage but
there are several extras you may be able to get if you wish to. It’s
best to discuss with your agent which of these might be suitable for

How a Maine Insurance Agency Can Help you Save on Teen Car Insurance

Category: Blog

Any parent with teenagers will know about budget strain, especially when
the teenagers are old enough to drive. All of a sudden you have to pay
for a car, and your teenager might even expect you to pay for their
fuel. Another cost that typically rises is your insurance. Even if you
bundle all your car policies with the same company through your Maine insurance agency,
you may well be paying higher insurance premiums once your teen gets
behind the wheel. That is of course unless you make your teenagers pay
for their own insurance.

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