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Maine Homeowners’ Insurance

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Your Maine homeowners insurance should
have liability coverage to help financially protect you against
lawsuits that could arise from someone sustaining bodily injury or
property damage in your home. While it’s very important to have a
homeowner’s insurance plan that covers you for liability claims, the
best scenario is one of never having to call on your liability coverage.
Here are some tips to help prevent your home becoming a liability trap.

Get a Comprehensive Maine Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Homeowners insurance provides financial protection in case something
unexpected happens to your home or in your home, and while most
homeowners have insurance, it doesn’t mean they necessarily have the
right insurance. There a several things to think about if you want a Maine homeowners insurance policy that will provide sufficient financial coverage, so you’re not left having to dig deep into your own pockets.

Plan Your Fire Escape Route

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According to the US Fire Administration, there were 8.3 fire-related
deaths per 1 million people in Maine in 2008. It was less than the
national average of 12, but even one fire death is too many. One of the
best ways to help avoid fire fatalities can be to have a well-prepared
and rehearsed escape plan.

Your responsibility to keep your home safe

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Anyone with a Maine homeowners insurance
policy will usually have some sort of liability coverage. Liability
insurance is important because it can help provide financial assistance
for legal expenses or medical payments resulting from someone suffering
an injury in your home.

Good Student Discounts For Teen Drivers

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Being able to afford car insurance can be tough for teenagers. With most still at school, and many without part time jobs, paying a few hundred dollars each year can be a struggle. There are a few ways for teens to reduce the amount they pay on their next Maine car insurance premium, one of which is by doing well with their studies.

Driving in the Snow

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With winter now in full swing and a fair bit of snow already falling in the past few weeks, it’s not a bad time to go over some safety tips for driving in the snow. The last thing anyone would want is to get into an accident and have to make a claim on their Maine car insurance. Here is a list of things to do while behind the wheel this winter:

Running a Business from Your Family Home

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Are you an entrepreneur who is planning to start a small home business in Maine?  Starting a home-based business changes the way your home is used, and it’s important to talk through your plans with other members of your household. It’s also important to talk to your agent or insurer in case working from home affects your homeowners insurance. Maine businesses are required to comply with the state’s business licensing regulations, and you should contact your town office for information on local requirements. 

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